At Daddy's Corner, we believe that supporting low-income and disadvantaged young men and fathers makes a significant difference in the lives of the children that depend on them. We do this through strengthening community and creating programs that empowers young fathers to take an active and positive role in their children's lives.

Robert's Story

Robert was a troubled teen living on the frontlines of poverty during the 1980s in Washington, D.C. With some help from the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services, Robert was able to overcome the cycle of poverty to become an upstanding model father and influential community advocate. He founded Daddy's Corner to reach out to young fathers and at-risk males through programs and services that support responsible fatherhood and building healthy, self-sustaining families.

robert seated

Papa Bears

You may have noticed bears roaming at the top. We chose the bear to represent Daddy's Corner because bears are strong, yet trusting and protective of their young. The city becomes less of a scary place when you have a loving and powerful protector by your side. At Daddy's Corner, we want our young fathers to be strong and loving papa bears for their children.

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